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Lift modernization in Rome

It is way back in 1913, now one hundred plus years ago, that our history began, or rather, what more than three generations managed to preserve over the course of an entire century.

This is the story of the birth of the Paolini & Sbarbaro SRL Firm, a company which, despite time, still manages to stay loyal to principles such as craftsmanship, devotion, but most importantly, humanity.


The firm was founded in the historical workshop located in Via Margutta, a well-known street in the city of Rome, due to it being the cradle of many artisan companies which, over the years, acted as real symbols for Made In Italy products.

Now and for the last one hundred years, Paolini & Sbarbaro SRL has been and is a guarantee of craftsmanship, for a work requiring quite the technical baggage, coupling it with what we call modern design.

This way, through our work, Art and Tech managed to pass their trials, with a result capable of providing beauty and practicality.

Our Mission

Thus, Paolini & Sbarbaro SRL is born in the twentieth century, a time define by history experts as one of great urban development.

The intuition of our ancestors consisted in developing a company which could come to the aid of people living in Rome's beautiful palaces, with a need of satisfying a simple need, precisely that of comfort.

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Our Services

January 25, 2021

Company In The Lift Industry

The Paolini & Sbarbaro company has been operating in the industry of elevators for well over a century, witnessing the succession of three generations and the […]
January 25, 2021


Paolini e Sbarbaro SRL still pours its true heart in its will to take care of its customers’s needs. Our maintenance offers originate this principle, starting […]
January 25, 2021


Elevators are a useful tool in everyday life. Many buildings have been equipped with it for many years, so there are also obsolete elevation systems. However, […]
January 25, 2021


A lift can be installed properly in an historical building as in a freshly-finished location. Fitting a structure with a lift may represent a choice in […]

After one hundred years, Paolini & Sbarbaro SRL still retains that same spiriti, designing each and every solution based on single needs, truly taking care of each project.




  • I'm a condominium administrator in Rome. I have several buildings in the city and in its province under my tutelage, most of which are equipped with lifts for taking people around. For their maintenance (it must be constant over time if you want to protect the safety of those who live in buildings), I always rely on the Paolini & Sbarbaro SRL company in Rome. Their maintenance staff is friendly and always ready to provide any information on my doubts, and up to this point, I am satisfied with their work.
  • I know Paolini & Sbarbaro SRL because they were the ones who refurbished my hotel's lift. I have a well-known hotel in Umbria that I have been managing for many years now. Although it has a retro style, I recently had to restore my hotel to give new life to its rooms. Besides traditional maintenance work, I wanted to modernize the lift, both to make it compliant with safety regulations and to give that extra touch to my hotel. The final result is magnificent.
  • We installed an elevator in our building for a variety of reasons. It is not a very high condominium (there are only four floors), but disable people live in the upper floors flats, and some flat owners are now elderly. Our administrator suggested the Paolini & Sbarbaro SRL company. The quote satisfied us, so we entrusted them with the gig. Today we have a great lift in our building.